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Gather Together

Connecting People to God & Others

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The Gathering

The Gathering is a local and global community of Jesus followers creating a place where people connect with God and each other. We seek to discover a new expression of spiritual community and recover original ways of faith. 

We seek to create a space that welcomes God’s presence and demonstrates His power. We celebrate creativity and diversity. We honor the worth of each individual and value the strength of connection. Our chief aim is to make God known and enjoy Him forever. So we cultivate an atmosphere of freedom and fun.

We are a developing multi-dimensional expression of spiritual community. We gather to worship. We teach to grow. We connect to build. We empower to influence. The Gathering is a reflection of God’s Heavenly culture on the Earth.

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Bob Hazlett

Bob Hazlett has served as a pastor and church leadership consultants for more than 25 years. He has helped leaders and organizations in the United States and around the world, grow their spiritual gifts and leadership culture. 


The disruption of 2020 revealed the need for new expressions of spiritual community, locally and globally. Bob holds a deep love for the church, so he started The Gathering to discover a new expression of spiritual community that will be relevant and thriving for the days ahead.


The Gathering started as a diverse online family  and grew into a discipleship community that meets weekly online.

If you desire a to be part of a community where you can connect with God and others, we invite you to explore The Gathering.

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